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The Tutors as well as the teachers are the foundation of Fusion Academy. They are talented, passionate and specially trained to excel in online teaching. We as tutors care about our students and believe that personalized one-on-one instruction really works.

Our Story

Online education had its beginnings in the late 1900s, where the concept of distance learning first came into practice in the mid 19th century when the U.S. Postal Service was developed. The notion of reliable, long-distance correspondence led to the development and implementation of what was called commercial ‘correspondence colleges’, where instructional missives would be distributed through the postal service between students and professors. Today however we are more sophisticated. We at Fusion Academy have made an observation that every student learns at his/her own pace, and may find it difficult being in a traditional school which cannot only accommodate the needs of every student but also has overcrowded classes of between 20-40 learners per class, needless to say, this has become an ever-growing problem within the learning environment. This leads to more and more students dropping out of school, whether they are unable to keep up with a generalized curriculum, become easily distracted by other students and distracting surroundings, or perhaps they may find difficulty learning or socializing with other students.

Fusion Academy incorporates the multiple intelligences approach to learning, where we realize that there are more than the narrow range of verbal/linguistic and logical/mathematical abilities within a person. With this method, we seek not only to bring out the best in the student’s acquisition of knowledge but to also enrich their personal journey in life. In today’s modern life the virtual classroom is picking up with a storm. More and more parents, as well as students, are moving in the direction of home-schooling, resulting in student’s having to self-learn and parents having to facilitate without a qualified teacher/tutor available. 


Why choose us

Now you may ask “Why choose a Virtual Tutor Centre?’’, well the answer for us is very simple. Firstly, the virtual lessons provided are pre-recorded, allowing the student to redo the lesson if they were not able to understand it the first time around. Secondly, attending your virtual classroom at a tutor centre offers the students extra assistance/support as well as attentive supervision, making sure that each student is in fact applying focus to their work at hand. Lastly, having an adaptable curriculum built mostly around the student’s abilities boosts confidence in learning as well as motivating interest in subjects not particularly offered in a traditional course. Here at Fusion Academy we have done intensive research looking for the best Virtual classroom and curricula to use at our centre and that is when we finally chose to use TDC at our tutor Centre.

We are using TDC Curricula and are by no means associated or affiliated with TDC. We are a centre who provides extra assistance , guidance as well as support The Virtual classroom is top of the range technology keeping up to date with a vast array of latest features. For example, incorporating multimedia simple enough for any student to grasp, stimulating creativity and expelling boredom from the classroom once and for all. You might have the question ‘’Will they stop having more traditional activities?’’ The answer is no, students must still take part in and complete tasks provided as a traditional school may offer however, the difference lies with not having to complete homework as we believe most students and parents alike are usually exhausted after a long day’s work, making absorbing knowledge challenging and slow. All work is to be completed during school hours thus giving the student enough time for extra mural activities, promoting the release of positive endorphins and allowing the student to start every day with a refreshed mindset. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.



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