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Frequently Asked Questions

How does online learning work? Do I work at my own pace?

Work at your own pace you can log onto your profile, access your subjects and work on the content on your dashboard. You will receive feedback on a regular basis. You are encouraged to interact with the tutor to ask for assistance with your work. You are welcome to work ahead of the suggested schedule, but you must maintain a minimum pace to successfully complete the curriculum. Remember that grade 10 to 12 CAPS learners must stick to the standard 4 term calendar to ensure that they meet the mandatory deadline.

Is technology successful as a method of delivery for educational content?

Children of our generation are drawn to technology –So why not use this to your benefit and use it to teach your children? The aim of online education is not to be equal to a traditional school but to improve it. The content is carefully balanced with video, animation and text. Although watching a video can be valuable, it is still a passive activity. For online learning to be successful, it needs to be engaging and interactive. At traditional schools, if a learner is bored or performs badly, he/she fails. In technology, if the user is bored or performs badly, the product designers have failed. Our aim is to offer the most technologically advanced solution to ensure your learner’s success.

How does online learning work? Do I work at my own pace?

Yes, alternative schooling is permitted in South Africa. Think Digital College as well as Teneo are registered with SACAI the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute, and follows the requirements for learners to obtain their National Senior Certificate. For our Cambridge learners, the content we provide equips each learner with the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete their GCSE, AS and A level external examinations.

How does a tutor centre work?

 The tutoring centre makes use of our online content and provide the learners with a social and interactive space where they can receive extra support. Please note that the centre operates independently and is in charge of our own fees which are not included in the curricula prices. The tutoring centre has no formal relationship with Think Digital or Teneo, They are solely content providers and do not have any input in how the centre is run.

Do I need to register my child with the Department of Education

Please consult Pestalozzi Trust (a group of lawyers representing home-schoolers) to assist you with your decision.